StatBroadcast Live

StatBroadcast® Live

Next generation Live Stats for athletics

StatBroadcast Live supports the following platforms:


Deliver live stats to your fans via your website
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Live stats direct to fans-- on the go or in the arena
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Streaming Integration

Combine your audio or video stream with live stats.
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Put stats on your homepage, streaming video or social media
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StatBroadcast® technologies can...

  • ...display real-time live stats from your sports events in an easy-to-read interface from any internet-connected device including computers, laptops, tablets, phones, smart TVs
  • ...give you instant visibility on multiple platforms -- web, mobile, social media -- all in one package
  • within your school's existing technology infrastructure using wired or wireless internet for live coverage anywhere on site -- press row, press box, even with your coaches on the bench, on the sidelines or in the booth
  • ...get up and running with few minimum requirements: Internet connection, Windows XP (or higher), Stat Crew , Dak Stats or compatible software
  • ...automatically configure itself for your events and works side-by-side with Stat Crew and TASFTP and with DakStats and DakLive
  • ...give you a custom-designed interface with your school's logo and colors, and even customized advertisements, where you keep the revenue making your live stats pay for themselves
  • you break into the mobile and social media platforms without having to invest a lot of time, money or training
  • counted on at all times. We are backed by the most advanced and reliable internet technology and infrastructure available. We use a multi-tiered, auto scaling system of cloud servers that helps us provide high available, high speed service

It's interface is simple, it updates lightning-fast, its easy for teams to setup and easy for fans to use. On top of all that, because it has the capability of integrating endless sponsorship opportunties, it unlocks the potential for universities to stop paying fees to have their stats broadcasted across the net and instead start making money.

StatBroadcast® Live incorporates some exclusive features only found in this system, including never-before-available statistical detail, the ability to cross platforms and technologies-- incorporating directly with team websites, social media platforms like Facebook, streaming video applications, and mobile internet devices-- and special features like StatBroadcast LiveNotes, live updating notes as the game progresses.

For pricing information for your school or event, contact us today:

Toll-Free: 1-855-831-7230
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Sports Available

Available for all StatCrew/Dak sports, including:

  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Baseball
  • Softball
  • Soccer
  • Volleyball
  • Ice/Field Hockey
  • Lacrosse
  • Tennis
  • Beach Volleyball
  • Gymnastics (Beavercreek Scorekeeper)