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June 2018
Sunday, June 3MSU 13 at Oklahoma 5Baseball
Sunday, June 3Purdue 4 at Houston 8Baseball
Sunday, June 3Houston 11 at North Carolina 19Baseball
Sunday, June 3USF 1 at Oklahoma State 6Baseball
Sunday, June 3Oklahoma State 1 at Stetson 11Baseball
Sunday, June 3UCLA 10 at Gonzaga 4Baseball
Sunday, June 3UCLA 8 at Minnesota 13Baseball
Sunday, June 3LSU 9 at NWST 5Baseball
Sunday, June 3LSU 0 at Oregon St. 12Baseball
Sunday, June 3Oklahoma 0 at Washington 3Softball
Sunday, June 3UCLA 1 at Florida State 3Softball
Sunday, June 3Florida State 12 at UCLA 6Softball
Sunday, June 3Jacksonville 7 at FAU 12Baseball
Sunday, June 3NC State 11 at Army 1Baseball
Sunday, June 3Auburn 15 at NC State 7Baseball
Sunday, June 3Louisville 12 at Kent State 6Baseball
Sunday, June 3Texas Tech 11 at Louisville 6Baseball
Sunday, June 3Georgia Bulldogs 11 at Troy 7Baseball
Sunday, June 3Duke 15 at Troy 6Baseball
Sunday, June 3Southern Miss 4 at Dallas Baptist 9Baseball
Sunday, June 3Dallas Baptist 3 at Arkansas 4Baseball
Sunday, June 3ECU 7 at UNCW 9Baseball
Sunday, June 3Indiana 9 at Texas A&M 7Baseball
Sunday, June 3Texas 3 at Indiana 2Baseball
Sunday, June 3Saint Louis 8 at Missouri State 9Baseball
Sunday, June 3Ole Miss 9 at Tennessee Tech 8Baseball
Sunday, June 3Tennessee Tech 2 at Missouri State 1Baseball
Sunday, June 3Baylor 2 at Stanford 4Baseball
Sunday, June 3Stanford 2 at Cal State Fullerton 5Baseball
Saturday, June 2St. John\'s 11 at Morehead State 5Baseball
Saturday, June 2Clemson 3 at Vanderbilt 4Baseball
Saturday, June 2Florida State 2 at MSU 3Baseball
Saturday, June 2Oklahoma 4 at Samford 0Baseball
Saturday, June 2Purdue 14 at North Carolina A&T 4Baseball
Saturday, June 2North Carolina 4 at Houston 3Baseball
Saturday, June 2USF 9 at Hartford 4Baseball
Saturday, June 2Stetson 10 at Oklahoma State 3Baseball
Saturday, June 2Gonzaga 8 at Canisius 2Baseball
Saturday, June 2Minnesota 3 at UCLA 2Baseball
Saturday, June 2NWST 9 at SDSU 0Baseball
Saturday, June 2Oregon St. 14 at LSU 1Baseball
Saturday, June 2Augustana 3 at Columbus State 2Baseball
Saturday, June 2Oklahoma 2 at Arizona State 0Softball
Saturday, June 2Georgia 2 at Florida State 7Softball
Saturday, June 2Florida 0 at Oklahoma 2Softball
Saturday, June 2Florida State 4 at Oregon 1Softball
Saturday, June 2FAU 11 at Columbia 2Baseball
Saturday, June 2Florida 3 at Jacksonville 2Baseball
Saturday, June 2NC State 9 at Northeastern 3Baseball
Saturday, June 2Auburn 12 at Army 1Baseball

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