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November 2018
Friday, November 9Aurora University 3 at Trinity Texas 0Womens Volleyball
Friday, November 9Univ. of Dubuque 0 at Univ. of Chicago 3Womens Volleyball
Friday, November 9Nazareth 0 at RIT 3Womens Volleyball
Friday, November 9Morrisville State 1 at Carnegie Mellon 3Womens Volleyball
Friday, November 9Stevenson 3 at Hunter 2Womens Volleyball
Friday, November 9Southern Vermont 0 at Ithaca 3Womens Volleyball
Wednesday, November 7Miami 2 at Boston University 0Womens Field Hockey
June 2018
Thursday, June 28Arkansas 0 at Oregon State 5Baseball
Wednesday, June 27Oregon State 5 at Arkansas 3Baseball
Tuesday, June 26Arkansas 4 at Oregon State 1Baseball
Saturday, June 23Oregon State 5 at Mississippi State 2Baseball
Friday, June 22Mississippi State 2 at Oregon State 12Baseball
Friday, June 22Arkansas 5 at Florida 2Baseball
Thursday, June 21Florida 9 at Texas Tech 6Baseball
Wednesday, June 20Arkansas 7 at Texas Tech 4Baseball
Wednesday, June 20Oregon State 11 at North Carolina 6Baseball
Tuesday, June 19Mississippi State 12 at North Carolina 2Baseball
Tuesday, June 19Florida 6 at Texas 1Baseball
Monday, June 18Oregon State 14 at Washington 5Baseball
Sunday, June 17Texas 5 at Arkansas 11Baseball
Sunday, June 17Texas Tech 6 at Florida 3Baseball
Saturday, June 16North Carolina 8 at Oregon State 6Baseball
Saturday, June 16Washington 0 at Mississippi State 1Baseball
Monday, June 11Auburn 2 at Florida 3Baseball
Monday, June 11Duke 2 at Texas Tech 6Baseball
Monday, June 11South Carolina 4 at Arkansas 14Baseball
Monday, June 11Tennessee Tech 2 at Texas 5Baseball
Sunday, June 10Florida 2 at Auburn 3Baseball
Sunday, June 10Texas Tech 2 at Duke 11Baseball
Sunday, June 10Arkansas 5 at South Carolina 8Baseball
Sunday, June 10Texas 4 at Tennessee Tech 2Baseball
Sunday, June 10Cal State Fullerton 5 at Washington 6Baseball
Sunday, June 10Mississippi State 10 at Vanderbilt 6Baseball
Saturday, June 9Auburn 2 at Florida 8Baseball
Saturday, June 9Duke 4 at Texas Tech 6Baseball
Saturday, June 9South Carolina 3 at Arkansas 9Baseball
Saturday, June 9Tennessee Tech 5 at Texas 4Baseball
Saturday, June 9Cal State Fullerton 5 at Washington 2Baseball
Saturday, June 9Mississippi State 3 at Vanderbilt 4Baseball
Saturday, June 9North Carolina 7 at Stetson 5Baseball
Saturday, June 9Oregon St. 6 at Minnesota 3Baseball
Friday, June 8Washington 8 at Cal State Fullerton 5Baseball
Friday, June 8Vanderbilt 8 at Mississippi State 10Baseball
Friday, June 8Stetson 4 at North Carolina 7Baseball
Friday, June 8Minnesota 1 at Oregon St. 8Baseball
Tuesday, June 5Washington 3 at Florida State 8Softball
Monday, June 4MSU 8 at Oklahoma 1Baseball
Monday, June 4Florida State 1 at Washington 0Softball
Monday, June 4Florida 4 at FAU 7Baseball
Monday, June 4FAU 2 at Florida 5Baseball

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