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March 2018
Monday, March 19Indiana (Pa.) 75 at Stonehill 71Womens Basketball
Monday, March 19Union 73 at Carson-Newman 70Womens Basketball
Monday, March 19Central Missouri 72 at Lubbock Christian 62Womens Basketball
Monday, March 19Quinnipiac 46 at UConn 71Womens Basketball
Monday, March 19Duke 66 at Georgia 40Womens Basketball
Monday, March 19Buffalo 86 at Florida State 65Womens Basketball
Monday, March 19Central Michigan 95 at Ohio State 78Womens Basketball
Monday, March 19Oklahoma St. 56 at Mississippi St. 71Womens Basketball
Monday, March 19Creighton 64 at UCLA 86Womens Basketball
Monday, March 19Arizona State 65 at Texas 85Womens Basketball
Monday, March 19FGCU 70 at STANFORD 90Womens Basketball
Sunday, March 18Mississippi State 78 at Baylor 77Mens Basketball
Sunday, March 18Oregon 92 at Marquette 101Mens Basketball
Sunday, March 18MIDDLE TENNESSEE 68 at LOUISVILLE 84Mens Basketball
Sunday, March 18Colgate 1 at Clarkson 2Womens Ice Hockey
Sunday, March 18Virginia 56 at South Carolina 66Womens Basketball
Sunday, March 18Villanova 72 at Notre Dame 98Womens Basketball
Sunday, March 18DePaul 79 at Texas A&M 80Womens Basketball
Sunday, March 18Minnesota 73 at Oregon 101Womens Basketball
Sunday, March 18Maryland 60 at NC State 74Womens Basketball
Sunday, March 18Texas A&M 86 at North Carolina 65Mens Basketball
Sunday, March 18MARQUETTE 72 at LOUISVILLE 90Womens Basketball
Sunday, March 18UMBC 43 at Kansas State 50Mens Basketball
Sunday, March 18Oregon State 66 at Tennessee 59Womens Basketball
Sunday, March 18Michigan 58 at Baylor 80Womens Basketball
Sunday, March 18Syracuse 55 at Michigan State 53Mens Basketball
Sunday, March 18Butler 73 at Purdue 76Mens Basketball
Sunday, March 18Florida State 75 at Xavier 70Mens Basketball
Sunday, March 18Nevada 75 at Cincinnati 73Mens Basketball
Sunday, March 18CLEMSON 84 at AUBURN 53Mens Basketball
Sunday, March 18MARSHALL 71 at WEST VIRGINIA 94Mens Basketball
Saturday, March 17Penn State 73 at Notre Dame 63Mens Basketball
Saturday, March 17Hamline 4 at Plattsburgh St. 4Womens Ice Hockey
Saturday, March 17Colby 2 at Geneseo 1Mens Ice Hockey
Saturday, March 17Nichols 3 at Salve Regina 4Mens Ice Hockey
Saturday, March 17UW-Stevens Point 5 at Adrian College 2Mens Ice Hockey
Saturday, March 17Bowdoin 45 at Amherst 65Womens Basketball
Saturday, March 17Nebraska Wesleyan 78 at UW-Oshkosh 72Mens Basketball
Saturday, March 17St Francis 52 at UConn 140Womens Basketball
Saturday, March 17Central Michigan 78 at LSU 69Womens Basketball
Saturday, March 17Belmont 58 at Duke 72Womens Basketball
Saturday, March 17Little Rock 49 at Florida State 91Womens Basketball
Saturday, March 17Alabama 58 at Villanova 81Mens Basketball
Saturday, March 17Quinnipiac 86 at Miami 72Womens Basketball
Saturday, March 17Rhode Island 62 at Duke 87Mens Basketball
Saturday, March 17Mercer 63 at Georgia 68Womens Basketball
Saturday, March 17George Washington 45 at Ohio State 87Womens Basketball
Saturday, March 17Buffalo 102 at South Florida 79Womens Basketball
Saturday, March 17Nebraska 62 at Arizona State 73Womens Basketball
Saturday, March 17Oklahoma St. 84 at Syracuse 57Womens Basketball

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