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December 2017
Friday, December 1Austin Peay 0 at UCLA 3Womens Volleyball
Friday, December 1Miami 1 at Florida 3Womens Volleyball
November 2017
Thursday, November 30Alabama State 0 at Florida 3Womens Volleyball
Thursday, November 30Coll. of Charleston 1 at Miami 3Womens Volleyball
Sunday, November 26New Hampshire 1 at Indiana 2Mens Soccer
Sunday, November 26Colgate 0 at Louisville 2Mens Soccer
Sunday, November 26Butler 0 at Wake Forest 2Mens Soccer
Saturday, November 25Furman 28 at Elon 27Football
Saturday, November 25Central Conn. State 0 at New Hampshire 14Football
Saturday, November 25Monmouth 7 at UNI 46Football
Saturday, November 25Western Illinois 19 at Weber State 21Football
Saturday, November 25SMU 0 at North Carolina 2Mens Soccer
Saturday, November 25Fordham 2 at Duke 2Mens Soccer
Saturday, November 25Princeton 1 at UCLA 3Womens Soccer
Saturday, November 25Lehigh 29 at Stony Brook 59Football
Friday, November 24Baylor 0 at Duke 4Womens Soccer
Sunday, November 19Virginia 1 at UCLA 2Womens Soccer
Sunday, November 19FIU 1 at Duke 2Mens Soccer
Sunday, November 19Baylor 3 at Notre Dame 2Womens Soccer
Sunday, November 19UNCW 1 at North Carolina 2Mens Soccer
Sunday, November 19Wisconsin 1 at Notre Dame 0Mens Soccer
Sunday, November 19San Francisco 2 at Louisville 3Mens Soccer
Sunday, November 19Fordham 1 at Virginia 0Mens Soccer
Sunday, November 19Penn State 3 at West Virginia 1Womens Soccer
Sunday, November 19Middlebury 4 at Messiah 0Womens Soccer
Sunday, November 19Princeton 2 at North Carolina 1Womens Soccer
Sunday, November 19New Hampshire 0 at Dartmouth 0Mens Soccer
Sunday, November 19Maryland 1 at UCONN 2Womens Soccer
Sunday, November 19Texas 0 at Duke 3Womens Soccer
Sunday, November 19Coastal Carolina 3 at Clemson 1Mens Soccer
Sunday, November 19Columbia 0 at Wake Forest 1Mens Soccer
Sunday, November 19Virginia Tech 0 at Michigan State 3Mens Soccer
Sunday, November 19LIU Post 1 at Shippensburg 4Womens Soccer
Sunday, November 19Washington State 0 at Florida 1Womens Soccer
Saturday, November 18A&M-Commerce 20 at Winona State 6Football
Saturday, November 18Ouachita Baptist 19 at Ferris State 24Football
Friday, November 17Oklahoma State 0 at Duke 7Womens Soccer
Friday, November 17Rutgers 0 at West Virginia 0Womens Soccer
Friday, November 17Pepperdine 0 at Virginia 3Womens Soccer
Friday, November 17Northwestern 0 at UCLA 1Womens Soccer
Friday, November 17Calvin College 0 at Wittenberg 3Womens Volleyball
Friday, November 17Clemson 1 at Texas 1Womens Soccer
Friday, November 17Ithaca College 1 at CMS 3Womens Volleyball
Friday, November 17North Carolina 1 at UCONN 2Womens Soccer
Friday, November 17South Florida 0 at Florida 1Womens Soccer
Friday, November 17Washington State 2 at Tennessee 2Womens Soccer
Thursday, November 16Ithaca College 3 at Emory University 1Womens Volleyball
Thursday, November 16Gustavus Adolphus 1 at CMS 3Womens Volleyball
Thursday, November 16Swarthmore 0 at Wittenberg 3Womens Volleyball
Thursday, November 16San Francisco 2 at California 1Mens Soccer

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