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May 2018
Saturday, May 19UCLA 2 at Cal State Fullerton 3Softball
Saturday, May 19Texas State 8 at Sacramento State 4Softball
Saturday, May 19Texas State 1 at UCLA 14Softball
Saturday, May 19Arizona 6 at North Dakota State 0Softball
Saturday, May 19Mississippi State 11 at Saint Francis 5Softball
Saturday, May 19Mississippi State 12 at North Dakota State 0Softball
Saturday, May 19LSU 1 at Houston 0Softball
Saturday, May 19Louisiana 15 at Fordham 3Softball
Saturday, May 19Louisiana 7 at Houston 2Softball
Saturday, May 19Auburn 1 at Florida State 2Softball
Saturday, May 19Jacksonville State 5 at Kennesaw State 3Softball
Saturday, May 19Auburn 2 at Jacksonville State 3Softball
Saturday, May 19Georgia 12 at Northwestern 0Softball
Saturday, May 19California 10 at Harvard 1Softball
Saturday, May 19California 3 at Northwestern 4Softball
Saturday, May 19James Madison 3 at Tennessee 12Softball
Saturday, May 19Monmouth 0 at Ohio 4Softball
Saturday, May 19James Madison 3 at Ohio 7Softball
Saturday, May 19Texas A&M 10 at McNeese 1Softball
Saturday, May 19Baylor 9 at Prairie View A&M 0Softball
Saturday, May 19Baylor 6 at McNeese 0Softball
Saturday, May 19Ohio State 2 at Florida 10Softball
Saturday, May 19USF 2 at Ohio State 3Softball
Friday, May 18Drake 0 at Oregon 5Softball
Friday, May 18UAlbany 0 at BYU 16Softball
Friday, May 18Drake 3 at BYU 0Softball
Friday, May 18Notre Dame 4 at Michigan 1Softball
Friday, May 18UNCG 0 at South Carolina 3Softball
Friday, May 18Liberty 2 at Hofstra 0Softball
Friday, May 18East Stroudsburg 14 at Fla. Southern 20Womens Lacrosse
Friday, May 18Ole Miss 9 at Long Beach 1Softball
Friday, May 18New Mexico State 0 at Arizona State 2Softball
Friday, May 18Boise State 0 at Washington 8Softball
Friday, May 18Texas 2 at Minnesota 1Softball
Friday, May 18Wisconsin 9 at Oregon State 3Softball
Friday, May 18Middle Tennessee 0 at Alabama 8Softball
Friday, May 18DePaul 0 at Arkansas 2Softball
Friday, May 18Wichita State 8 at Oklahoma State 2Softball
Friday, May 18Tulsa 9 at Missouri 1Softball
Friday, May 18Boston 0 at Oklahoma 9Softball
Friday, May 18Sacramento State 0 at UCLA 3Softball
Friday, May 18Cal State Fullerton 2 at Texas State 1Softball
Friday, May 18North Dakota State 5 at Mississippi State 4Softball
Friday, May 18Saint Francis 0 at Arizona 1Softball
Friday, May 18Fordham 0 at LSU 9Softball
Friday, May 18Houston 1 at Louisiana 0Softball
Friday, May 18Kennesaw State 2 at Auburn 5Softball
Friday, May 18Jacksonville State 0 at Florida State 8Softball
Friday, May 18Harvard 2 at Georgia 6Softball
Friday, May 18Northwestern 3 at California 2Softball

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