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May 2017
Tuesday, May 30St. Thomas Aquinas 3 at Colorado Mesa 2Baseball
Tuesday, May 30Washington & Jeff. 3 at California Lutheran 7Baseball
Tuesday, May 30California Lutheran 12 at Washington & Jeff. 4Baseball
Monday, May 29Ohio State 6 at Maryland 9Mens Lacrosse
Monday, May 29Delta State 4 at North Georgia 0Baseball
Monday, May 29Lindenwood 2 at West Chester 5Baseball
Monday, May 29Washington & Jeff. 12 at California Lutheran 2Baseball
Monday, May 29Virginia Wesleyan 5 at St. John Fisher 0Softball
Monday, May 29St. John Fisher 0 at Virginia Wesleyan 1Softball
Sunday, May 28Boston College 13 at Maryland 16Mens Lacrosse
Sunday, May 28Merrimack 9 at Limestone 11Mens Lacrosse
Sunday, May 28RIT 7 at Salisbury 15Mens Lacrosse
Sunday, May 28Gettysburg 6 at TCNJ 5Mens Lacrosse
Sunday, May 28UC San Diego 5 at St. Thomas Aquinas 6Baseball
Sunday, May 28Colorado Mesa 10 at Quincy 3Baseball
Sunday, May 28Massachusetts Boston 4 at North Central (Ill.) 5Baseball
Sunday, May 28Roanoke College 1 at Washington & Jeff. 8Baseball
Sunday, May 28North Central (Ill.) 8 at California Lutheran 10Baseball
Sunday, May 28Virginia Wesleyan 5 at Texas-Tyler 2Softball
Sunday, May 28Williams 3 at St. John Fisher 4Softball
Sunday, May 28Texas-Tyler 3 at Virginia Wesleyan 5Softball
Saturday, May 27Towson 10 at Ohio State 11Mens Lacrosse
Saturday, May 27Denver 8 at Maryland 9Mens Lacrosse
Saturday, May 27Trinity (CT) 4 at Gettysburg 8Mens Lacrosse
Saturday, May 27North Georgia 4 at West Chester 9Baseball
Saturday, May 27Delta State 0 at Lindenwood 4Baseball
Saturday, May 27Virginia Wesleyan 6 at Illinois Wesleyan 0Softball
Saturday, May 27Amherst 1 at Williams 4Softball
Friday, May 26Navy 15 at Boston College 16Mens Lacrosse
Friday, May 26Washington & Jeff. 4 at Concordia Chicago 2Baseball
Friday, May 26Trine 0 at Virginia Wesleyan 2Softball
Friday, May 26Williams 6 at St. Catherine 5Softball
Friday, May 26Illinois Wesleyan 1 at St. John Fisher 2Softball
Friday, May 26Texas-Tyler 13 at Amherst 0Softball
Thursday, May 25Amherst 4 at Trine 3Softball
Thursday, May 25Virginia Wesleyan 1 at Texas-Tyler 4Softball
Thursday, May 25St. Catherine 0 at Illinois Wesleyan 7Softball
Thursday, May 25Williams 0 at St. John Fisher 2Softball
Sunday, May 21Tampa 10 at Limestone 12Mens Lacrosse
Sunday, May 21Florida Southern 4 at Adelphi 6Mens Lacrosse
Saturday, May 20Merrimack 17 at Adelphi University 9Mens Lacrosse
Friday, May 19Le Moyne 7 at Adelphi 11Mens Lacrosse
Friday, May 19Florida Southern 13 at Lindenwood 12Mens Lacrosse
Sunday, May 14Yale 10 at Syracuse 11Mens Lacrosse
Sunday, May 14Cornell 9 at Princeton 11Mens Lacrosse
Sunday, May 14Boston College 21 at Syracuse 10Mens Lacrosse
Saturday, May 13Lynn 0 at Barry 5Womens Tennis
Saturday, May 13Air Force 10 at Denver 17Mens Lacrosse
Saturday, May 13Duke 19 at Johns Hopkins 6Mens Lacrosse
Friday, May 12Armstrong State 1 at Barry 5Womens Tennis

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