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June 2014
Saturday, June 7Louisville 7, Kennesaw State 4Baseball
Saturday, June 7Ole Miss 5, Louisiana 9Baseball
Saturday, June 7Oklahoma State 0, UC Irvine 1Baseball
Friday, June 6Texas 4, Houston 2Baseball
Friday, June 6Kennesaw State 3, Louisville 5Baseball
Friday, June 6UC Irvine 8, Oklahoma State 4Baseball
Tuesday, June 3Alabama 3, Florida 6Softball
Monday, June 2Louisiana 5, Mississippi State 3Baseball
Monday, June 2Florida 5, Alabama 0Softball
Sunday, June 1Kentucky 8, Kansas 6Baseball
Sunday, June 1Florida 6, Baylor 3Softball
Sunday, June 1Nebraska 3, Cal State Fullerton 4Baseball
Sunday, June 1Youngstown State 4, Stanford 12Baseball
Sunday, June 1Oregon 0, Alabama 2Softball
Sunday, June 1Cal Poly 6, Sacramento State 5Baseball
Sunday, June 1Louisiana 11, Jackson State 1Baseball
Sunday, June 1Cal State Fullerton 4, Oklahoma State 6Baseball
Sunday, June 1Louisville 4, Kentucky 1Baseball
Sunday, June 1Mississippi State 8, Louisiana 14Baseball
Sunday, June 1Pepperdine 10, Cal Poly 6Baseball
May 2014
Saturday, May 31Baylor 7, Florida State 2Softball
Saturday, May 31Kentucky 4, Kent State 2Baseball
Saturday, May 31Nebraska 8, Binghamton 6Baseball
Saturday, May 31Indiana State 2, Youngstown State 5Baseball
Saturday, May 31Louisiana-Lafayette 1, Oklahoma 3Softball
Saturday, May 31Arizona State 4, Sacramento State 5Baseball
Saturday, May 31Louisville 6, Kansas 3Baseball
Saturday, May 31Mississippi State 3, Jackson State 1Baseball
Saturday, May 31Kentucky 7, Baylor 8Softball
Saturday, May 31Cal Poly 1, Pepperdine 2Baseball
Saturday, May 31Oklahoma State 13, Cal State Fullerton 7Baseball
Saturday, May 31Oregon 4, Oklahoma 2Softball
Friday, May 30Cal State Fullerton 5, Nebraska 1Baseball
Friday, May 30San Diego State 2, Mississippi State 5Baseball
Friday, May 30Stanford 8, Indiana State 1Baseball
Friday, May 30Kansas 10, Kentucky 6Baseball
Friday, May 30Florida 4, Oregon 0Softball
Friday, May 30Youngstown State 2, Indiana 10Baseball
Friday, May 30Jackson State 1, Louisiana 0Baseball
Friday, May 30Sacramento State 2, Cal Poly 4Baseball
Friday, May 30Binghamton 0, Oklahoma State 8Baseball
Friday, May 30Alabama 2, Kentucky 0Softball
Friday, May 30Kent State 0, Louisville 5Baseball
Thursday, May 29Baylor 0, Florida 11Softball
Thursday, May 29Florida State 0, Oregon 3Softball
Thursday, May 29Kentucky 4, Louisiana-Lafayette 1Softball
Thursday, May 29Oklahoma 2, Alabama 6Softball
Sunday, May 18Johns Hopkins 11, Duke 19Mens Lacrosse
Sunday, May 18Drexel 6, Denver 15Mens Lacrosse
Saturday, May 17Minnesota 4, North Dakota State 1Softball

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