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March 2013
Thursday, March 28Syracuse 61, Indiana 50Mens Basketball
Wednesday, March 27Dowling 76, Augustana (SD) 54Womens Basketball
Wednesday, March 27Ashland 66, Western Washington 54Womens Basketball
Tuesday, March 26Clayton State 68, Augustana (SD) 81Womens Basketball
Tuesday, March 26Colorado Mesa 44, Dowling 60Womens Basketball
Tuesday, March 26Western Washington 80, Nova Southeastern 76Womens Basketball
Tuesday, March 26Ashland 74, Gannon 63Womens Basketball
December 2012
Saturday, December 15OREGON 0, TEXAS 3Womens Volleyball
Thursday, December 13MICHIGAN 2, TEXAS 3Womens Volleyball
Thursday, December 13OREGON 3, PENN STATE 1Womens Volleyball
Saturday, December 1Central Arkansas 16, Georgia Southern 24Football
November 2012
Wednesday, November 21DELAWARE 63, KANSAS STATE 66Mens Basketball
Wednesday, November 21PITT 62, MICHIGAN 67Mens Basketball
April 2012
Tuesday, April 3Notre Dame 61, Baylor 80Womens Basketball
Monday, April 2KANSAS 59, KENTUCKY 67Mens Basketball
Sunday, April 1UCONN 75, Notre Dame 83Womens Basketball
March 2012
Saturday, March 31LOUISVILLE 61, KENTUCKY 69Mens Basketball
Saturday, March 31OHIO STATE 62, KANSAS 64Mens Basketball
Friday, March 30EAST 103, WEST 99Mens Basketball
Tuesday, March 27Maryland 49, Notre Dame 80Womens Basketball
Monday, March 26Duke 69, Stanford 81Womens Basketball
Sunday, March 25St. Bonaventure 35, Notre Dame 79Womens Basketball
Saturday, March 24Ohio State 77, Syracuse 70Mens Basketball
Saturday, March 24South Carolina 60, Stanford 76Womens Basketball
Saturday, March 24Montevallo (Ala.) 65, Western Washington 72Mens Basketball
Friday, March 23Shaw 88, Ashland 82Womens Basketball
Thursday, March 22Wisconsin 63, Syracuse 64Mens Basketball
Thursday, March 22Cincinnati 66, Ohio State 81Mens Basketball
Thursday, March 22Western Washington 71, Stonehill (Mass.) 66Mens Basketball
Thursday, March 22Montevallo (Ala.) 35, Bellarmine 36Mens Basketball
Wednesday, March 21West Liberty 90, Stonehill (Mass.) 91Mens Basketball
Wednesday, March 21Western Washington 64, Midwestern State 63Mens Basketball
Wednesday, March 21Bellarmine 82, Alabama-Huntsville 73Mens Basketball
Wednesday, March 21Montevallo (Ala.) 67, Metro State 65Mens Basketball
Wednesday, March 21Ashland 77, Bentley 62Womens Basketball
Wednesday, March 21Shaw 87, Rollins College 71Womens Basketball
Tuesday, March 20LSU 80, Penn State 90Womens Basketball
Tuesday, March 20Florida 57, Baylor 76Womens Basketball
Tuesday, March 20Kansas 70, Delaware 64Womens Basketball
Tuesday, March 20California 62, Notre Dame 73Womens Basketball
Tuesday, March 20Marist 63, St. Bonaventure 66Womens Basketball
Tuesday, March 20Ashland 71, Alaska Anchorage 51Womens Basketball
Tuesday, March 20Pittsburg State 58, Shaw 61Womens Basketball
Tuesday, March 20Lander 62, Rollins College 66Womens Basketball
Monday, March 19Green Bay 62, Kentucky 65Womens Basketball
Monday, March 19West Virginia 56, Stanford 72Womens Basketball
Sunday, March 18North Carolina State 66, Georgetown 63Mens Basketball
Sunday, March 18Saint Louis 61, Michigan State 65Mens Basketball
Sunday, March 18#8 Creighton 73, #1 North Carolina 87Mens Basketball
Sunday, March 18#15 Lehigh 58, #10 Xavier 70Mens Basketball

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