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May 2015
Friday, May 15Ball State 6 at Notre Dame 3Softball
Friday, May 15Mississippi State 4 at Baylor 8Softball
Friday, May 15Weber State 0 at Louisiana 11Softball
Friday, May 15Central Arkansas 0 at Oklahoma 8Softball
April 2015
Monday, April 6WISCONSIN 63 at DUKE 68Mens Basketball
Saturday, April 4MICHIGAN STATE 61 at DUKE 81Mens Basketball
Saturday, April 4WISCONSIN 71 at KENTUCKY 64Mens Basketball
Friday, April 3EAST 87 at WEST 109Mens Basketball
Thursday, April 2STANFORD 66 at MIAMI (FL) 64Mens Basketball
March 2015
Tuesday, March 31MIAMI (FL) 60 at TEMPLE 57Mens Basketball
Tuesday, March 31STANFORD 67 at OLD DOMINION 60Mens Basketball
Sunday, March 29RIT 0 at Omaha 4Mens Ice Hockey
Sunday, March 29Providence 4 at Denver 1Mens Ice Hockey
Sunday, March 29Michigan State 76 at Louisville 70Mens Basketball
Sunday, March 29BAYLOR 68 at NOTRE DAME 77Womens Basketball
Saturday, March 28Florida Southern 77 at Indiana (PA) 62Mens Basketball
Saturday, March 28RIT 2 at Minnesota State 1Mens Ice Hockey
Saturday, March 28Harvard 1 at Omaha 4Mens Ice Hockey
Saturday, March 28Providence 7 at Miami 5Mens Ice Hockey
Saturday, March 28Boston College 2 at Denver 5Mens Ice Hockey
Saturday, March 28UMD 2 at Boston University 3Mens Ice Hockey
Saturday, March 28St. Cloud State 1 at North Dakota 4Mens Ice Hockey
Friday, March 27YALE 2 at Boston University 3Mens Ice Hockey
Friday, March 27MINN 1 at UMD 4Mens Ice Hockey
Friday, March 27NC State 65 at Louisville 75Mens Basketball
Friday, March 27Michigan State 62 at Oklahoma 58Mens Basketball
Friday, March 27STANFORD 60 at NOTRE DAME 81Womens Basketball
Friday, March 27California Baptist 69 at California 86Womens Basketball
Thursday, March 26Indiana (PA) 72 at Tarleton State 68Mens Basketball
Thursday, March 26Bellarmine 76 at Florida Southern 79Mens Basketball
Wednesday, March 25Tarleton State 77 at Mount Olive 59Mens Basketball
Wednesday, March 25Indiana (PA) 69 at Azusa Pacific 65Mens Basketball
Wednesday, March 25Florida Southern 81 at Southern New Hampshire 70Mens Basketball
Wednesday, March 25Minnesota State Moorhead 75 at Bellarmine 92Mens Basketball
Wednesday, March 25Emporia State 46 at California 51Womens Basketball
Wednesday, March 25Limestone 67 at California Baptist 85Womens Basketball
Tuesday, March 24California 84 at Nova Southeastern 79Womens Basketball
Tuesday, March 24New Haven 77 at California Baptist 86Womens Basketball
Tuesday, March 24West Texas A&M 50 at Emporia State 62Womens Basketball
Tuesday, March 24Lewis 58 at Limestone 61Womens Basketball
Sunday, March 22DePaul 67 at Notre Dame 79Womens Basketball
Saturday, March 21Georgia State 67 at Xavier 75Mens Basketball
Saturday, March 21Arkansas 78 at North Carolina 87Mens Basketball
Friday, March 20Montana 43 at Notre Dame 77Womens Basketball
Friday, March 20DePaul 79 at Minnesota 72Womens Basketball
Thursday, March 19Ole Miss 57 at Xavier 76Mens Basketball
Thursday, March 19Georgia State 57 at Baylor 56Mens Basketball
Thursday, March 19Harvard 65 at North Carolina 67Mens Basketball
Thursday, March 19Wofford 53 at Arkansas 56Mens Basketball
Tuesday, March 17Northwest Missouri State 42 at MSU Moorhead 47Mens Basketball

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