Update on StatBroadcast’s Compatibility with the new Live Stats Initiative (as of 08/10/18)

Posted on Aug 10, 2018

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This past May, the NCAA officially announced that it has launched a new stats initiative with a software developer based in London UK, to develop new statistics tracking software for its membership. Use of the software will be voluntary during the basketball regular season for member institutions.

StatBroadcast remains dedicated to providing full compatibility with its platform for all scoring software programs used by member institutions. As such, we are working as diligently as possible to provide a solution for those schools that will be early adopters of this software to be able to continue using StatBroadcast for real-time distribution of their media stats, live stats and mobile stats.

StatBroadcast currently supports live stats for schools using: StatCrew Legacy, StatCrew NextGen, StatCrew Sync, DakStats, TurboStats, Presto Stats, Varsity Systems and all others that utilize the national/StatCrew XML standard.

LATEST UPDATE: Aug. 10, 2018

The NCAA has informed us this afternoon that NCAA LiveStats is expected to have the functionality to ouput a 'StatCrew-formatted' XML file on school's scoring computer.

That functionality will allow schools to continue using the current version of the StatBroadcast Broadcastr, complete with full FTP functionality and network copy functionality (for scoreboards and graphics).  

This updates the previously identified issues and should resolve all compatibility concerns between NCAA LiveStats and all downstream data uses, including StatBroadcast.

Please stay tuned for more information. We will provide further updates as we are advised of a timeline for implementation and are able to develop a user's guide for instructing schools on how to configure their computers.

Genius Sports has advised that is still working on developing a solution to add support in NCAA LiveStats for serial communication with a Daktronics All-Sports Box (known as TASCOMMS32 in StatCrew) and will update with more information as it becomes available.


Other Release notes/issues:

  • Missing support for enhanced metrics
    The current data definition does not include some of the advanced metrics such as possessions, pace of play, etc. This may impact our ability to display our Single Game and Season Advanced Analytics for schools utilizing this software vs. StatCrew.


StatBroadcast plans to support the following enhanced and additional data points that the software will make available through its software, pending their inclusion in the app's XML generation:

- Possession Arrow

- New Game status updates including when a game is delayed, introducing lineups, at halftime, etc.

- Extended play-by-play information including enhanced shot and turnover descriptions, the area of the court where the action occurs and new actions, such as held balls.