Update on StatBroadcast’s Compatibility with the new Live Stats Initiative (as of 08/10/18)

Posted on Sep 12, 2018

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This past May, the NCAA officially announced that it has launched a new stats initiative with a software developer based in London UK, to develop new statistics tracking software for its membership. Use of the software will be voluntary during the basketball regular season for member institutions.

LATEST UPDATE: Sep 12, 2018


StatBroadcast is announcing the beta release of its new software, StatBroadcast Listener, which is designed to work specifically with NCAA LiveStats to facilitate media and live stats through the StatBroadcast platform.

Users interested in testing out the new software with the NCAA LiveStats beta release may download it and its' user guide by logging in and accessing http://software.statbroadcast.com

A production version of the software will be released prior to the start of the year; once it is available, the Beta version will automatically update to the latest version.

Latest per Genius for those schools that use TASCOMMS32 and a serial connection to a DakTronics All-Sport scoreboard system:
"In-arena, NCAA LiveStats will not provide any direct integration (typically via serial) with clock or scoreboard devices. However, a socket based endpoint is available directly from the capture software to provide broadcast and scoreboard providers with a real-time data feed API to connect to. On top of this, we will offer backwards compatibility with Stat Crew data formats."

UPDATE: Aug. 10, 2018

The NCAA has informed us this afternoon that NCAA LiveStats is expected to have the functionality to ouput a 'StatCrew-formatted' XML file on school's scoring computer.

This update, when released, should resolve compatibility concerns between NCAA LiveStats and other downstream data uses, not including StatBroadcast. StatBroadcast recommends all users of NCAA LiveStats utilize the StatBroadcast Listener software for use on the StatBroadcast platform.

Other Release notes/issues:
Missing data points
We have noticed missing data points in the current version of the NCAA LiveStats software, which may affect some field on both stats feeds as well as PDF reports. Additionally, missing advanced metrics may impact some calculations in Season Stats run on StatBroadcast or through StatCrew. We are expecting updates in the next version of LiveStats and will update this page as necessary.

UPDATE: Aug. 1, 2018


StatBroadcast plans to support the following enhanced and additional data points that the software will make available through its software, pending their inclusion in the app's XML generation:

  • Possession Arrow
  • New Game status updates including when a game is delayed, introducing lineups, at halftime, etc.
  • Extended play-by-play information including enhanced shot and turnover descriptions, the area of the court where the action occurs and new actions, such as held balls.